“Double Shutter” for ATM

“Double Shutter” for ATM

In order to dispense banknotes, all ATMs have an opening in the safe for the movement of the banknote dispensing mechanisms.

The mechanisms and the opening are only protected by the external plastic front panel of the ATM.

A shutter, which is generally closed, raises when the ATM is to dispense cash to the Customer.

Both the front panel and the shutter can be easily tampered with allowing explosive materials, in a solid or gaseous form, to be introduced into the ATM safe in order to open the safe for criminal use.

For this reason, Lem has designed a device which makes it more difficult and even prevent the introduction of solid explosives into the ATM safe.

This device is called the “Double Shutter”

The “double shutter” consists of:

Two thick metal sections of a suitable shape

A part supporting the devices and to allow fixing to the ATM.

A motorised moving part which, when open, does not obstruct the natural passage of the banknotes to be dispensed while, when closed, obstructs the external/internal passage of the safe even if the external components and internal mechanisms for transporting the banknotes to be dispensed are disengaged.

The movable part of the double shutter which obstructs the external/internal passage of the safe is constructed in anti-flame austenitic steel.

Description of the motorised “Double Shutter”

This system involves the motorisation of the open/close part of the “Double Shutter”.
The double shutter will open immediately when required in order to allow the banknotes requested by the Customer to pass through automatically at the end of the cash withdrawal operation.

More specifically, no direct passage between the internal and external parts of the safe is left free as the double shutter is closed and remains closed while the “shutter” is open. In some ATMs, the double shutter has to reopen to allow the mechanisms to return to their initial position. In this case, when the shutter is closed, the double shutter reopens for the time necessary to allow the mechanism to pass and then closes again immediately.

The controls are given by a designated independent electronic circuit board which does not interfere with the ATM operation.

No modification to the ATM software or mechanical system is required.

The dispensing time of the ATM is not increased in any way.

The double shutter is available for ATMS of the following brands: NCR – Wincor – Diebold, Sigma and Fujitsu

Technical specifications

  • Physical protection and control boards placed inside the safe use of optical and magnetic sensors for increased reliability.
  • Fully automatic and autonomous operation.
  • Management of physical attacks if an attempt is made to manipulate the money clamp, pushing it in or by pulling it out
  • Double shutter opening inlet when the door is opened
  • Signalling via a change-over contact if tampered with. It can trigger the ink staining system or block ATM operation. The contact can be connected to the standard signal cases of the Post Office signalling via change-over contact with open double shutter.
  • Power supply 24 Vdc/ 0.7 Amp.max
  • No modification of functional parts of the ATM
    Two closing steps of the double shutter blade Partial closure when the gripper is in the banknote dispensing position. Total closure when the gripper is in stand-by or when an attempt is made to forcefully retract it from the dispensing position

Double shutter cycles carried out

A total of approx. 980,000 double shutters in production
To be extended to 250,000 on the double shutter studied for Post Office ATMs