Transfer safe


An effective safe with two opposing doors for transferring valuables between the inside and the outside of the bank. Use of the LEM transfer safe does not alter the level of passive external protection, and minimizes the risk of attacks on staff and valuables being moved.
Control electronics comprise:

  • Control unit with internal digital combinator
  • Secur Key system with electronic key readers on both doors.
  • Sensors to detect presence of objects inside safe.
  • The combination of these features in the LEM transfer safe ensures high level performance.

Safe can be used in two ways:
Doors inter-blocked: : one door cannot be opened at the same time as the other.
“PASS-PASS” sequential door opening: as one door is closed and locked, the other can be opened, but the first not re-opened. As well as being practical to use, the electronic Secur Key (280,000 million combinations) records the principal events (up to 250, expandable memory option).
In addition, it is not necessary to change the lock if a key is lost, as is the case with mechanical systems, since a 20 second operation deactivates the code of the lost key and activates a new one.
These features put the LEM transfer safe at the top for security and practicality.
The transfer safe has been certified to EN 1143-1-A1 Class III standard


Triple expansion lock with large diameter bolts closed by Hal 600 electronic motorized lock with special programme (See Hal 600)
Anti-forced removal continuous profile on hinges
70mm thick armour plating

OPTIONS: special lock with double bit security key can be fitted on both doors.


  • External volume: Height 600 x Width 600 x Depth 600 mm
  • Usable inside space:Height 450 x Width 450 x Depth 400mm
  • Weight: 350 Kg approx.


An effective safe with two opposing doors for passing documents between the inside and the outside of the bank.
Motorized locks controlled by electronic SecurKey make for extremely effective control. The absence of holes on the doors makes the safe proof against vandalism.
The two doors can be inter-blocked of course.


Structure in heavy duty M.S. steel.
Electronically inter-blocked doors
Motorized lock with electronic SecurKey or mechanical key
Cancellation and re-memorization of a new key in the event of loss is very simple.
Dimensions: Height. 500 – Width. 460 – Depth 600
Weight 80 Kg.
Peso 80 Kg.