ATM perimeter protection

ATM perimeter protection

LEM, always conscious of the continuous evolution of attacks on ATMs carried out with explosive gases, has developed a system to protect ATMs which is installed on the exterior of the ATM itself. Of course, it prevents the ATM from being ripped from the wall and increases overall resistance against attacks by mechanical and thermal means.
This protection, known commercially as the “cage”, is wrapped completely around the walls of the ATM.
It is designed and built to prevent the door from opening or significant deformation of the ATM walls and to keep the ATM in the position in which it was installed.
The protection is secured to the floor with expansion plugs, chemical plugs or other systems depending on the existing floor.

To access the ATM door, the protection is equipped with a door closed by handle operated deadbolts and locked by a security lock with double sided key.
It is possible to install an electronic combination – Hal 600 – which controls two electronic locks: one to open the protective door and one to open the ATM doors.

Special features and mechanical reinforcement devices have been installed to prevent the door, the most critical part of the structure, from being opened.

The structure has been subjected to numerous explosion attempts in out bunker, using some of the largest ATMs.

The tests have been carried out simulating how a criminal would act, in order to obtain the most powerful explosion.

The results have clearly shown the resistance of the structure and the door as well as the impossibility of opening the ATM doors and reaching the banknote cassettes.


The advantages of this protection means are:

  • Maintenance-free after installation
  • Deterrent effect

The disadvantages are:

  • High initial cost
  • Difficult or impossible to install
  • Strong aesthetic impact
  • An attack on the ATM using explosive gases does not prevent major damage to structures and furnishings.
  • To be verified whether (increasingly frequent) the structure is able to withstand an attack using a solid explosive.

Technical characteristics and overall dimensions are available