Cabinet safe

Cabinet safe The LCB is a multi-functional safe for valuables. The two models are characterized by a high internal volume/weight ratio. Flexibility of the locking systems […]

Safes E3M series

E3M Certified Sales What is asked of a modern safe? That it is easy to use, that it has all anti-theft and anti-robbery features, that variation […]

Modular safe and safety deposit boxes

Modular safe and safety deposit boxes2, 3 and 6 blocks. Degree of resistance III and V Level Capacious modular safe for safety deposit boxes.On site assembly […]

Diamond Safes

Diamond Safes "Special safe for diamonds, with 18 safe deposit boxes. Each safe deposit box is closed using a motorised lock controlled by a HAL600 with […]

Armour-plated doors

Armour-plated doors An innovative series of armour-plated doors designed to meet the needs of the third millennium. Constructed with advanced technology to meet EU standards for […]

Internal deposit boxes

Internal deposit boxes To better safeguard cash in the safe, internal deposit boxes can be included meaning the safe can be used without particular restrictions, leaving […]