LB2 Cabinet Safe, athermic, armoured and armoured athermic

This is custom heading element Cabinet safe designed to guarantee maximum security, available in various configurations based on customer requirements, in the following versions: athermic armoured […]

Armoured Cabinet model LB2.P

This is custom heading element Armoured cabinet in 30/10 steel metal plate, on 6 sides, with reinforced concrete interior providing a total thickness of the armour […]

Video equipment safe

Armour plated cupboard for videorecording equipment The need to protect recording equipment against illegal removal of the video cassette led LEM to construct two types of […]

Cabinet safe, modular, with sliding doors

Cabinet safe, modular, with sliding doors Special armoured cabinet with sliding doors to hold trays of semi-finished goods for goldsmiths. Dimensions: h: 1950 mm d: 710 […]

Combined Safe

Combined Safe The safe consists of three sections: the 4 compartments can be used as individual transfer safes or, by blocking the external door of the […]