Lem was founded in 1974 with the scope of producing both physical and electronic security systems. The first production plant built covered 2,000m². In 1983 an electronic section was added to design and produce ad hoc electronic circuit boards for use on its products. The use of proprietary microprocessors and dedicated software ensures that Lem products provide high-level performance combined with exceptional flexibility and personalization. In 1995 Lem increased its product lines and connected services with the addition of a new 4,000m² production plant. Confirming the success of the products and the trust of our customers, a new 2,200m² production plant came on line at the end of 2006.

Production is currently divided into four product lines:

Safes for safekeeping and protection against theft: safes, armour-plated doors, night depositories, deposit safes etc., constructed in accordance with European standards EN 1143.1 and certified III, IV and V level resistance rating. In particular, the night depository is certified in accordance with standard EN 1143-2:2003 with N-III resistance rating.
Anti-robbery devices in various models and performances, including a banknote parzalyzer/distributor.
Electronic locks incorporating centralized systems, access control, multifunction digital locks (time delay, timers, multi-use etc.) with certification in accordance with EN 1300 standard and B and C resistance rating.
Integration of existing products, with particular reference to Automatic Telling Machines (implementation of physical resistance, banknote staining, explosive gas neutralization system, opening system).
In addition, Lem has technical assistance centres in all the regions in Italy, where technicians with proven experience and abilities are always available to customers for installation, maintenance and optimization of existing equipment. Lem operates with its own quality manual and was awarded certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015.