Duo 4000

Duo 4000 locking system

The Duo 4000 locking system can substitute the mechanical combinations and key locks usually mounted on safes without altering the lock bolt commands. (Combination driven lock bolts and key-driven lock bolts).
The salient feature is the inclusion of an emergency opener so that in the event of failure, a second section is automatically activated to allow the safe to be opened maintaining all settings and giving a failure alert.

The basic configuration comprises:
2 motorized locks with self-driven, self-blocking bolt. Can manage up to 10 locks.
1 Control console
1 Power supply

The system components (hardware and software) are so well designed that it was immediately awarded EU EN 1300 Class “C” certification without modification. Use of the Due is allowed and desirable on all EN 1143-1 certified safes.
A particular point is to be made for use of the Due on ATMs, both because they are increasingly armour-plated and so forced opening of the safe causes considerable damage to the door and a high risk of damage to the electro-mechanical parts of the ATM, and because handling of opening is increasingly personalized (loading by security services. teller turn-over, remote ATMs etc).
The Duo is an excellent solution to this problem.
It has dual-redundant electronics.
In the event of an anomaly in one section of the lock, a second section automatically activates allowing the ATM to be opened with the same security settings and at the same time signalling the anomaly in the failed section.
The Duo is completely interfaceable with the “TUTOR” banknote stainer and anti-gas system.


  • Controls two motorized locks with dual board for emergency opening. In the event of failure of one section, the second section automatically activates to ensure secure opening.
  • Visualization on back-lit 32 alphanumeric character liquid crystal display.
  • 16 key membrane control keyboard with personalizable characters: option of anti-spy keyboard “scrambler”.
  • Buzzer for keyboard feedback and error alert.
  • Management of “mechanical” codes for emergency opening (locks have their own mechanical codes, different to the normal opening codes for a greater degree of security in all situations).
  • Programming management through one or two programmer codes.
  • Management of multi-user opening up to 10 user codes (5 for each lock).
  • Immediate time-lock up to 999 hours.
  • Daily time-locks (up to 6).
  • Annual time lock (for long weekends, programmed extraordinary closings etc.) with pre-programmed usual public holidays.
  • Extraordinary opening programme (extension of opening times for extraordinary events).
  • Time delay up to 99 minutes.
  • Window of time for opening up to 99 minutes.
  • Perpetual clock/calendar.
  • Automatic updating for daylight saving time on last Sunday in March, last Sunday in October, with manual re-entry of change over dates option.
  • Printout of all programmes set for verification of correct programming.
  • Visualization or printing of the last 600 openings/closings and other significant events.
  • Auto-test.
  • Separate visualization of system status (locked, unblocked, in alarm etc.) for each lock.
  • Option to activate each procedure with LEM Secur-Key.
  • Option to cancel delay with LEM Secur-Key.
  • Separate control of various signals (combination closed, door closed etc.) for each lock.
  • Silent alarm alert or open/closed signal.
  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Battery low alert
  • Programming of parameters by keyboard or computer with RS485 serial.
  • Use of programmable microprocessors for high degree of personalization of functions to satisfy specific security requirements and ensure each customer’s system is UNIQUE.
  • Remote reading of “Lock closed” information (alarm centre etc.)
  • Duo 4000 is also equipped with a logical input (to signal door closed or bolts home) for remote reading.