Modular safe and safety deposit boxes

Modular safe and safety deposit boxes

2, 3 and 6 blocks. Degree of resistance III and V Level

Capacious modular safe for safety deposit boxes.
On site assembly resolves the problems of transport and installation.


Body: Outer casing in 3mm steel plated with polyadditive conglomerate and micro-armoured with additional mesh structure anchored to the internal wall. Double-layer inside wall, one layer in anti-blowtorch material for protection against thermic attack, and one against mechanical attack.

Doors: The same construction and armour-plating as the body of the safe.
Particular attention has been given to protection of the locks.
10 blade lock bolts activated by a robust handwheel.
The lock is protected by tempered glass with two active re-locks held by heat-sensitive wires.

Mechanical lock

Lock with double copy interchangeable key associated with mechanical 4 co-axial disc combination lock.

Electronic locks

HAL 600 digital combination associated with double copy interchangeable key.
4 coaxial disc combination power-driven by Secur Drive 3010 associated with double copy interchangeable key.
All digital with DUO 4000 – single keypad with two motorized locks.

Safe deposit boxes

Module with anti-theft safety box doors
Each door has 1 customer key
Each safe has 3 master keys

Each module has the following dimensions:
Height 990 – Width 320 – Depth 500

Door height mm: 80 – 120 – 160 – 240 – 480 – 960