Night depository ASK 50

Night depository ASK 50 The need for maximum security, simplicity and rapidity of use, the certainty of a cross-check between bank and customer of a successful […]

Night depository ASK-ATM

Night depository ASK-ATMNIGHT DEPOSITORY Mod. ASK-ATM TO COMBINE WITH ATM The requirements of modern banks for maximum security combined with reduced volume are fully answered with […]

Deposit safe

Deposit safeVR-E MODEL SEAL-SEALING SACK FOR QUICK BAGGING To protect against robbery of deposits made by businesses or to remove surplus cash to a suitable safe […]

Quickdeposit safe

Quickdeposit safe The need to provide bank customers with an increasingly complete service led LEM to construct a safe for the immediate deposit of envelopes by […]

Transfer safe

SAFE WITH BACK AND FRONT DOORS An effective safe with two opposing doors for transferring valuables between the inside and the outside of the bank. Use […]