Night depository ASK-ATM

Night depository ASK-ATM


The requirements of modern banks for maximum security combined with reduced volume are fully answered with a product which can be integrated with ATM systems: the LEM ASK-ATM night depository.
The particular design of the hopper and the deposit reception safe blends with the ATM block without altering its position or function in any way, as well as conforming with the design of the ATM itself to give a pleasing overall aesthetic result.
The salient points of the device are:

  • maximum simplicity of operation in opening the hopper and depositing,
  • the certainty of a cross-check between bank and customer on the outcome of the deposit.




ASK-ATM night depository has been certified to European Standard EN 1143-2:2003 N-III rating. As well as strength of the safe, these standards provide for all safety tests on the hopper.


  • Automatic opening of the hopper either by electronic key or ATM card.
  • Identification and record of anyone making deposits using a
  • SecurKey electronic key.
  • Control of stages of deposit by photosensors to guarantee the correct outcome of the operation.
  • Selective cancellation of customer’s key in case of loss.
  • Maximum strength with completely armour-plated rotary hopper.
  • Planarity between ATM and night depository.


  • Constructed like an N-III rated safe.
  • Uniform armour-plating on all sides
  • Double or single door depending on the ATM model to reduce volume.
  • Security lock with interchangeable double bitted key
  • Digital combination (optional) with anti-robbery and anti-theft functions – Time lock, time delay, display, valuables transport functions.
  • Deposit-counter – non-resettable total and resettable partial total for immediate check of daily deposits.
  • Convenient rake or sliding drawer for removal of bags in “under ATM” models.
  • Capacity of Lem containers: from 30 to 40 depending on model

Deposits can be made in either standard 50mm high rigid containers, or in self-sealing plastic or paper bags of suitable sizes.


The container sack is solidly anchored to the safe. A special shutter has to close to allow the sack to be extracted from the safe. If the shutter is not closed, the sack is mechanically blocked and cannot slide out on its runners. In addition, an electrically controlled catch prevents extraction when there is a container in the hopper above the sack.
A double bitted key is required to open the shutter which closes the sack. The shutter is closed by a special catch which is unlocked with a push button. The push button itself is protected to prevent accidental closure of the shutter during transport.
A special anti-blinding electronic sensor verifies that the sack is actually present, so preventing the hopper being opened if the sack is not inserted or if the safe is not closed.
The sack is made of tear-proof, waterproof fabric fixed to the frame with screws that can be loosened only when the sack is open.
Seams are protected with additional straps to ensure against any fraudulent opening of the sack without the correct keys.
The sack can hold from 15 to 30 plastic containers depending on the model.
The number of self-sealing envelopes it can contain is estimated at 50 to 150 pieces, depending on the model.


The system is based on the principle of providing the customer with an electronic smart key (controlled access) to allow identification and a record of each deposit. The system includes a reader, a transactions recording system and an alphanumeric keypad.
Two essential factors have been taken into consideration in the design of this night depository: SECURITY and PRATICALITY.


  • Due to its high mechanical solidity, the hopper is absolutely immune to tampering and either wrenching out or smashing in.
  • In the event of a mechanical attack, a special irreversible diaphragm automatically slides into place between the outside and the inside of the reception safe.
  • A further effective defence is provided by the configuration of the hopper drum in acetylene torch-proof steel filled with a corundum conglomerate.
  • It is equipped with two photocells (ANTI-BLINDING), one which controls the inside of the loading hopper and one in the chute to the safe below, so allowing control of all the stages of the deposit to ensure it falls correctly into the reception safe and detect any attempt at tampering.
  • Each electronic key supplied to the customer is unique in the world (the code is on 48 bits which corresponds to around 280.000 million combinations).
  • Each night depository recognizes ONLY enabled keys and makes identification ONLY of these.
  • Each keys is ILLEGGIBLE and UNCOPYABLE;
  • The key supplied to the customer is in stainless steel and practically indestructible. The key is contained in a convenient keyholder.
  • The “keyhole” is a stainless steel disc WITHOUT holes or slots, and is therefore completely protected from acts of vandalism.
  • The access code is required to enable/disenable a key.


  • Use of the key is identical to using a mechanical key: it is enough to bring the key close to the receptor and the validation and recognition procedure is automatic. In addition, the motorized opening system makes the operation simple and quick.
  • The key is not cumbersome.
  • In the event of loss, cancellation of the lost key and provision of a new one is extremely simple, so that in the case of the loss of a key IT IS NOT necessary to change the lock or take any steps with regard to other customers’ keys.
  • A non-volatile memory records the last 6,000 transactions (deposits), memorizing the date/time of the transaction and the customer’s identification code. The transactions can be visualized on an alphanumeric display, printed from a local printer or transmitted on a serial line to a central computer.
  • The same key can be enabled to access more than one night depository, allowing customers enabled to deposit in more than one night depository to have a single key.
  • The display always shows the total number of bags deposited (resettable manually after the safe has been emptied) and the historic total (non-resettable, used for statistical purposes to assess the rate of use).
  • The clock/calendar continues to keep time also when there is a power shortage.


  • A warning light advises the customer whether the night depository is in service or not.
  • An auxiliary input port allows the night depository to be locked (for maintenance work or alarm situations). locking/unlocking can be also controlled by serial line.


  1. Ensure that the light next to the “keyhole” is off.
  2. Bring key or badge up to the lock. If it is recognized, the hopper automatically opens.
  3. When the bag is introduced, the hopper automatically deposits the bag in the safe, recording completion of the transaction and the customer’s identity code. The LED also flashes briefly to indicate passage of the deposit to the safe.
  4. Deposits can be made either in standard 50mm high rigid containers or in self-sealing plastic or paper envelopes of suitable dimensions.