Shutter sensor activity against attempted attacks

To inhibit an alarm during an attack on an ATM in order to introduce explosive gas or explosive solids through the shutter, the shutter itself would need to be opened.
The sensory activity is such that nothing will happen when the shutter is opened as normal. If the shutter is broken into or forced open, an alarm is generated.
The warning alarm is given by a potential-free contact.
Another warning alarm serves to activate banknote staining if the ink staining system is installed.

It is recommended that the following is installed:

  • The sensor circuit board
  • An acoustic buzzer which warns the criminals that an alarm will be triggered
  • A flashing light – optional

The system is equipped with a sensor to detect any attempt to attack or manipulate the shutter and is also equipped with an internal physical barrier to protect against attacks with solid explosives (double shutter).

ATM shutter Bancomat