Quality and Reliability Protecting your assets since 1974

Attention to the quality of the workmanship and components that are used has always been a priority for us. A well-built product is a reliable and long-lasting product, able to protect our customer’s valuables and keep them safe from external threats over time.

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ATM protection

Since 1995, LEM has been developing and manufacturing devices designed to neutralise criminal attacks on ATMs using mechanical and thermal means, through ram raids, explosive gases or solid explosives.

Attack techniques are constantly evolving and not only result in economic loss caused by theft but also significant collateral damage to structures and buildings.

LEM products developed for ATMs ensure the assets and offices of credit institutions are protected.

Money transfer
ATM protection
Anti-robbery and specials

Research, development and testing

Since 1974, Lem has been developing, testing and manufacturing every type of safe, adapting them to the needs of its customers: major banking groups, leading companies in large-scale distribution and private individuals.

Over the years the product portfolio has grown in step with the technological evolution of the world of passive safety. Product development was extended by strong means and money transfer, to electronic locks and to ATM protection systems.

LEM is a leader in Italy in the production of banknote staining systems in the event of a fraudulent attack.

Logistics and handling of safes

The LEM team dedicated to the logistics and handling of heavy duty safes supports the customer throughout every project that involves the movement and installation of safes, vaults, armoured cabinets, safe-deposit boxes, cash in – cash out, ATM, MTA, night safes, etc., ensuring the safety of personnel assigned to the transit of materials and the integrity of the premises involved.
We work together with the customer to make arrangements for the transfer and/or closure of an office of a credit institute, with the possibility of storing the material in our warehouses ensuring that every part is available for future reuse. Furthermore, our specialised technical staff is available to carry out any revisions and upgrades on the stored products.
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In addition to the production department, LEM has a large warehouse of used products from leading brands. Our staff will help each customer find the safe that best suits their needs by providing comprehensive technical and logistical support. All the safes are inspected, refurbished and reconditioned by our technicians to offer you products which are both reliable in perfect working order.

A complete network
of professional technicians
always at your disposal

LEM makes use of professional certified technicians to maintain our own devices as well as safes and equipment produced by other leading manufacturers. Our customer service department in the head office of Gerenzano (VA), coordinates an extensive network of authorised centres and qualified technicians making it possible for LEM to provide immediate assistance in every region.

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