Secur Drive

SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020

SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020 is an electronic combinator for mechanical disc combinations, which represents a substantial innovation in the field of security, uniting the functions of several devices, or functions not previously available, in one product.

The compactness and simple construction of the design make for easy installation of the SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020 on safes equipped with any single or combined mechanical combination, without the need to modify the locks or make additional holes.
The idea (patented) of differentiating mechanical from electronic codification with a transcodification system means the SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020 unit can be installed completely on the outside of the safe, and ensures the mechanical code is kept secret from operators and users who are prevented from manually opening the safe.
Being a programmable system, SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020 can be personalized for specific security requirements, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each Customer’s system.
The elements that characterize SECUR DRIVE 3000/3020’s are:

    Permit change of the mechanical disc combinations but not opening or ordinary programming.
    Permit programming and opening (alone or with user codes).
    Allow temporary blocking or cancellation of a user code.
    Allow opening (alone or together with the primary codes) and immediate setting of the Time Lock.
    Knowing the electro-mechanical code it allows emergency manual opening of the mechanical disc combination.

All codes and principal parameters are encrypted and memorized in non volatile memory.


REMOTE CONSOLE: allows remote control and visualization of all functions. Can be situated several hundred meters away (RS485 standard).

RS232/RS485 OPTOISOLATED CONVERTER: allows for SECUR DRIVE 3000/3010 TO BE interfaced with any computer or alarm centre equipped with RS232 serial interface, extending reach from 10 to several hundred metres.

RS485/relay CONVERTORS: allow SECUR DRIVE 3000/3010 to be interfaced with a traditional centre not equipped with serial interface. Allows block or test commands to be sent and receipt of “status” of the safe, door, bolts, locks, vibration sensor, heat sensor etc.

SERIAL CONTROLLED MOTORIZED LOCK: this cryptographic serial controlled lock is used in conjunction with SECUR DRIVE 3000 to control the compartments inside the safe. The cryptographic double key system ensures total protection from tampering.


  • Powered by 12 V battery
  • Membrane keyboard with back-lit crystal liquid display.
  • Automation or one or two co-axial mechanical disc combinations for each safe, both during opening and change of combination, ensuring quick, error-free operation.
  • Management of up to six timed internal compartments, with possible interlocking function.
  • 1or 2 priority codes (programmers) and up to 10 user codes.
  • Opening through 1, 2 or 3 associated codes.
  • Electro-mechanical management of codes.
  • Automatic re-closure at a set time.
  • Traditional hand-settable time lock
  • Weekly programme.
  • Annual programme with automatic control (excludable on main public holidays – Christmas, New Year etc.)
  • “Extra” or unexpected opening/closure programme (strikes, maintenance, extraordinary openings etc.)
  • Perpetual clock/calendar with automatic change to daylight saving time.
  • Time delay from 0 to 99 minutes.
  • Window of time for opening from 0 to 99 minutes.
  • A serial printer (supplied by us) for printing all programmes set to allow programming to be checked.
  • Memorization of the last 1000 openings/closings and other significant events.
  • Auto-diagnostic system status test
  • Control of other mechanical states (combination closed, door closed, bolts closed etc.)
  • Remote-controlled interdiction of opening
  • Remote console (optional) to install in manager’s offer, for example, to give activation or lock/unlock codes to safe/armour-plated doors situated in other offices.
  • Multiple anti-tampering protection.
  • Predisposed for centralization through RS232 or RS485 serial line, also allows remote locking.
  • Enabled for use with optional SECUR KEY or CRIPTaKEY electronic key readers.
  • “Random System” option: modifies the position of the number keys at each opening (anti-spy function).


SECUR DRIVE 3000/3010 functions are programmable in the following ways:

By keyboard and interactive display, guided by the system.
Automatically by pre-programmed personal computer.

Through RS232/RS485 serial line
By Modem.
Through Conso-485 remote console