Armour-plated doors

Armour-plated doors

An innovative series of armour-plated doors designed to meet the needs of the third millennium.
Constructed with advanced technology to meet EU standards for resistance to break-in.
Mechanical strength is provided by the special LemFort conglomerate which ensures differential protection against mechanical and thermic attacks.

With integrated LEM devices opening can be programmed according to personal requirements. LEM digital locks make opening and closure easy and exact and add remote control and management of the armour-plated door.

Dual commands mean there is no need for an escape door with this armour-plated door.


Measurements: On specific request
Degree of resistance: On specific request (from 150mm to 450 mm armour plating)


2 x security locks with dual interchangeable two bit keys
2 x 4 co-axial disc mechanical combinations
Alternatively, LEM digital combinations in place of the mechanical combination or of either the lock or the combination – all digital.